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Environmental Statement

The Dixie Group's environmental practices and processes:

  • Dixie strives for winning results and continuous improvement in everything we do and that includes environmental performance. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our associates and our communities.
  • We work to maintain a corporate culture that is open and sensitive to environmental matters
  • Environmental health and safety are priorities in our planning for existing and new products, processes, and services.
  • We participate in the Carpet & Rug Institute's Indoor Air Quality Green Label carpet testing program.
  • In our facilities, we continue to make substantial investments to conserve energy, minimize and safely dispose of process by-products, and comply with stringent air and water quality standards.
  • Dixie regularly monitors environmental progress by conducting comprehensive environmental audits at each of our facilities to be certain we are in compliance with all regulations.
  • Dixie is continuously working toward reducing waste and hazardous emissions and is committed to disposing of wastes responsibly and safely.
  • It is our policy to report promptly to officials, associates, customers and the public, information on health or environmental hazards and to recommend protective measures.
  • We encourage our associates to actively participate with the government and others in creating responsible laws, regulations, and standards to safeguard the community, work place and the environment.
  • We encourage our communities, families, and associates to conserve the earth's natural resources and better protect the environment in their daily lives.